GD rockin ‘Galliano’s red coat’

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GD – G Dragon is the leader of the all boy kpop group big bang. This recently, the group went to London to attend the EMA MTV award. Because they’ve got been nominated under the category “World Wide Act Asia Pacific”. Actually, the event had already done and yeah- they wins it. Awesome,right? But I know most of you also awaits on what these guys wearing on the awards night. nah?

The boys are wearing each leather jackets that has spikes on it. Check google for more pictures rather come back on this blog tomorrow because I will post some. Anyway, one of the eye catcher was this GD’s Galliano red coat. The coat looks dope and its really suits in on Gd’s personality.

The Red coat is belong on “John Galliano S/S 12 Men Collection“, check the collection for more further information on the coat belongs on the other pieces that are included on the collection. And at this moment, I don’t know how much this will cost you just check again online for the pricing. Please bear with me. Hahaha but rest assured, I will update this post too soon for the full details. Promise!

Okay, that’s it for now and have a great day ahead to everyone. 🙂

Unusual Contact Lenses

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Fun and unusual contact lenses are an ideal way to make sure you stand out in a crowd. Whether at work, a nightclub or any other social situation a unique fashion accessory can boost a person’s confidence, and create an instant conversation topic.

Since special effects contacts are designed for fashion purposes, they feature no corrective properties for eyesight. This makes it possible for anyone to wear such lenses. So, if you want to dress to impress at a themed event, costume party or any social gathering the perfect contacts can be found.

Tinted Fashion Contacts

Traditional fashion contacts are the same as normal contact lenses (no patterns or theme), except that they change the colour of the wearer’s eyes. Turning grey eyes to striking blue, or brown eyes to a vivid shade of green can produce a dramatic effect, especially on your friends and acquaintances. For many people, a change of eye colour gives them an extra boost of confidence in a social situation, or helps them to coordinate their eye colour with their outfit.

Cat’s Eye Designs

Those in search of something a little more than a simple change in eye colour should consider contact brands with unusual designs, such as cat’s eyes contacts. There is no better way to stand out in a nightclub than returning someone’s gaze with a feline stare. Anyone who is looking to make a big first impression should consider these interesting designs. Cat’s eyes lenses can be found in a variety of colours, such as blue, yellow or topaz, but the popular favourite with most wearers is a striking green.

Halloween Fun

At Halloween time, or maybe just for going to the cinema for a horror film, you may wish to consider a pair of vampire contact lenses. Whether to hand out sweets to local trick-or-treaters, or make a frightening entrance at a Halloween party, vampire designs can be a fun and original way to add spice to the spooky holiday. Zombie eyes are a good choice as well, especially for those who enjoy startling their friends and neighbours. Such lenses are similar to Vampire designs except that they are typically red in colour.


Smiley face contacts are also a top choice of designer contact fans. These can be worn for fun at a variety of occasions or events (though perhaps not funerals), and are available in traditional bright yellow or other cute colours such as pink or baby blue. Animal smileys are also a fun option for fashion contact lovers, and these can be found in many colours as well.

Additional Choices

For something that is sure to surprise and intrigue your friends, you could consider zebra patterned spirals. These appear to be moving in a circular motion, although this is not actually the case. You can even purchase contacts referred to as blank-out eyes, which means that the lens is one solid colour that covers the entire surface of the eye, including the sclera–the eye’s white area.

Those who need their vision corrected will be pleased to find that certain manufacturers offer designer contacts that feature a prescription. Naturally, such lenses must be custom ordered, and choices of designs may be a bit more limited than contacts featuring a 0.00 prescription. In addition, such contacts are not mass produced, so their price is sometimes considerably higher than traditional party contacts. Try LensWay for a range of interesting contact lenses at bargain prices.


Designer contact lenses are an ideal fashion accessory that can provide fun and entertainment in almost any social setting, and make a nice change from glasses.


Celeb outfit : Se7en’s Galliano’s Light Printed Sweater in black( £204.00)

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On this blog,, I really into Korean fashion. Because I’d find Korean fashion dope and quirky that’s why I often includes them out here. Today, I’ll blog again this Korean celebrity singer named Se7en, the artist is great well known on the country,Korea, because he did shared his talents already that can made him on the most demand singer’s on today Korea’s music industry.

Se7en is wearing an quite expensive sweater from Galliano, one of the lead brand in fashion capital of the world – Europe, The sweater has an item name of “Light Printed Sweater in black” that has an price of  £204.00, for all you know. 🙂

The Sweater looks fine on me and I really do like the prints that can signifies this sweater is more on streetwear. However, it is depend on you on how you may wear it. Like what Se7en did on it. Stunning!

Alright, that’s it for now and will update you more celebrity outfits too soon.

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Whiteflash Engagement Rings

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Planning to be engaged soon? well, I must suggest you to the site that Ive recently stumbled to buy your Whiteflash engagement rings. because the online store is looks reliable and their products or diamond jewelry are well polish and made that can really caught my attention to blog them out over here, for you to reconsider and take a look their products for your rings to be.

Actually, I am not a fan of any of these diamond rings, because I don’t have any plan at the moment to be engaged to the person I love, beside I don’t have any special someone at the moment, quite bitter! dang. LOL But when I roamed on the online store i’ve seen a lot of variety of diamonds not just an engagements rings but also some awesome GIA loose diamonds that I wear with without any partnet of it. LOL

But I am not against to those couple out there, so happened that I don’t have any partner today that’s why you wouldn’t get my sympathy on this matter.  But all in all, I having an engagement rings is awesome feelings that you’ll be experience about, agree?

Okay, head up on the site and check those designs that you would like to give on your better half or to person you want to engage with. No worries, because the online store, Whiteflash, has a huge variety of designs and karat of diamonds that you can choose from. And another good things was, on the Whiteflash they have this custom ring feature wherein you was the one, the customer, who can design your own ring to be and how much karat would you like to be on your engagement ring or in any pieces of diamond that you’ll like. Awesome,right? so, what are you waiting for? buy your own ring now to the site given on this post.

Indeed, Taeyang is such a Swag

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I really liked how this guy put his all stuff together to create a great swag outfit. Look, on this outfit Taeyang is wearing an Swag printed tee from Bandanna that has a price of ¥6,090 that you can buy online over this site ”″ .

Actually, I often saw Taeyang wearing some tees that has an swag printed on them. And I think this how he can express his self more and what he was like to be, which he is already. Yeah – he’s a swagger and we all knew that ever since. Though Taeyang is more on tee, both plain and printed one. But yet still he can carried it well that can put him self on best male fashionista on his country, Korea.

So yeah, That’s it for now and I hope you may often check back this blog for more taeyang’s outfit information and even some celebrities outfits. Thanks folks!

Khaki pants are trend these days

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When we’re talking about men’s pants, I think most of you might choose the skinny jeans( esp. men) than to the other style and designs of pants that are available nowadays on the market. However, Fall pieces are had been evolved and proves that fashion is indeed changing by each seasons.

Though the skinny jeans are still hip today but I think it will be then abolish in the following year, next year 2012 (but not still sure though), because power house fashion companies who’re used to make these awesome pieces are more on this khaki pants now than to the usual pants we have.  Therefore, I said that this pants will be trend on the following ahead of years. No doubt on that. Because people are liking the pants more than to the old jeans now because of the comfortable feelings that this pants can gives you.

How to choose wedding bands

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Choosing and buying wedding bands disputes at this expense, in connection with this decision should be clear thought out. Many young couples is the dilemma of how to choose Wedding Bands, and then follow. Certainly not worth a rush. If a pattern we liked kupujmy not right away, let’s go back to the shop the next day and see that it was not a momentary infatuation. The final decision should be made together with a partner. In this way, using all the rules, we can help others in the future, how to choose a wedding and be happy. Until now towered anklets made of gold, still today, just as often found with white gold Wedding Rings silver, platinum, titanium, and multi-colored, made of several metals (usually white and yellow).

Avant-garde trends in modern wedding bands are inlaid, or with the addition of precious stones. Regardless of the type of metal used to carry wedding bands, you can embellish them with precious stones. As a rule, the ring is decorated with the bride. The most interesting stones include diamonds or rhinestones here, but you can also do wedding bands with rubies, sapphires, emeralds or. When choosing Wedding Rings with white gold is also worth to know about the possible ways of implementation. Only a portion is covered with white gold and some made in full. For complete information, please contact the seller. Important is also the price we pay for selected models. Changing trends in the industry do not avoid wedding expenditure. It should be up to date with the prevailing trends by reading trade portals. In this way we can see the current news, as well as extend their own ideas, inspiration and dream wedding.

Taeyang’s Atlanta Falcons Cap

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Taeyang is often wearing some cool caps and baseball caps. This indicates how the baseball caps are trend on today’s fashion industry.

I know not only music that you are looking to on this guy but also his fashion sense, because as you follow him often you’ll see how dope this man is, and I can prove it to you as I blogged him constantly to this blog. Look on my taeyang category and you’ll find out.

Anyway, on the picture on top. The guy is wearing an Atlanta falcons cap that you buy online or on this site for only 9usd. By the way, to make the air clear, I am not affiliated to mvcaps I just includes it for your convenient.:)

So yeah, if you want to be dope and hip today. Just get the best caps for you and let your self rockin. 🙂

Baseball Caps

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Baseball caps are trend these days. Yeah- they are. And I know most of you folks are started and staring to collect these caps because there was some brands of it that has collectables designs of these caps that we can getting crazed these days( I know,right), me personally, I really wants to have some of it, but bad things. Because there wasn’t any store where did I resided that are selling these caps, maybe then I will buy them online.

These caps are ranging 10-100 usd it’s depend on the brand and designs. You may check them online or in the new era brand. 🙂

Lifetime of achievements

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Seiko watches celebrated its 130th birth day on 2nd November 2011 and have shown their excellence to the world proudly.

Seiko watches was founded in 1881 by Kintaro Hattori. Seiko watches have fully dedicated itself into the art and science of watch making and have successfully attained perfection. It all began in Tokyo with a watch repair store and soon in 1892 the Seiko watch factory was set up. The factory started showing its efficiency and in 1895 they created their first pocket watch followed by their first wrist watch in the year 1895 and named it ‘Laurel’. Success kissed Seiko watches in 1969 when they invented the ground-breaking quartz watch movement. Apart from the first ground-breaking quartz watch movement Seiko also invented the first automatic chronograph (1969), the TV watch (1983), kinetic watch (1988), spring dive watch (1999) and also designed the first ever space walk watch in 2008. one can undoubtedly say that Seiko watches have spent 130 years just for the sake of innovations and very soon a new collection, ‘firsts’ of Watches are awaited for launch including a new collection of commemorative watches.