Daesung x Chrome Hearts, Dior ,Balmain


Photo Credit: Ygcloset.com

Everyone is looking for this, I know, because I’ve seen a lot of comments over the blogsphere rather in WWW asking to blog about on what are brands that Daesung wearing on this photo. By the way, to those people who doesn’t really know about this guy, Daesung, he is one of the member of  Big Bang, Korean leading all boy band group – Kpop, Actually, this statement, daesung outfit, is not really my type because I am that skinny to work on this kind of pieces..LOL but of course to most of you this outfit may rock your way on..

Okay, let’s list down each piece on this “Daesung outfit”. On his pants, he is wearing an Dior homme pants that has a item name of “Stretch Nappa Leather jeans” which cost $4087.00 (£2,562.00) in all brand stores or in any affiliated online stores. His blazer is from the brand Balmain, European fashion power house label, that has a price of £2,265.00 and has a product name of “Python-trim blazer”. And this piece is the one I really liked which his belt that is from the expensive brand of Chrome Hearts. The belt name is Celtic Roller Belt and has a price of 231,525.00 JPY (£1,751.00) in any brand stores. And last one, his boots is from the famous Balmain that you could get for £1,007 ( too expensive for me..LOL) and the boots name is “Men’s side-zip laced calf-skin boots”.

Alright, I think, I dont missed any piece on this outfit..heheh need to end this post now and please keep on checking back for more celebrities and fashion updates.. Thanks a lot!

Pandora Charms


As summer season comes. They were some new pieces, clothes, shoes, accessories are coming out to the market. Because summer is fun and having some colorful things like this pandora charms is the most trend and hippest on today’s fashion. Actually, they were a lot of charm bracelet for accessories that we could choose from with in the market, however, this pandor bracelet, I think, is the most trend and talked about piece by those fashion enthusiasts out there. So – meaning, this kind of bracelet are the one in hot spot that most people loves to have.

Rocking your summer now, by wearing some pandora bracelets…:)

Joyrich x GIZA Spring/Summer 2012






Summer is all about colors and light pieces. That’s why most of the brand lines these days are trying their best to give us all consumers some awesome pieces that we could wear off for this season, summer. Today, Ive found this collection that had been collaborated by the 2 great companies Joyrich and Giza . The two brands are locally in Japan if I dont mistaken about the info I got. And they often have these quirky and unique pieces that most people are amazed with, you know japan when it comes to their fashion,right?..

So – yeah, these are the pieces that we could expect from the Joyrich x Giza by this summer season. By the way, loved the geometrical Egyptian detail of this collection, really stunning and way different on the other brand’s spring summer collections.

I will update you soon enough about this collection availability and pricing details, so – you better to check back often..;) Thanks and have yourself a great weekend.

T.O.P & GD x Russian Naval Pin Hat by Patricia Field



K-pop fashion is one of the huge influence on today’s fashion. Because a lot of people and most especially those fans out there who’re keeping on patronizing not only the musics that these guys,kpop, are offering but also their awesome quirky outfits and statements that can make them difference into usual fashion thing today. I think, Korean fashion is have their own place already on the market industry today.

As you’ve been noticed on this blog, Istarblog.com, I really used to blogged some Big Bang fashion, one of the leading all guy Kpop group today, because they’re the most searched over Google when it comes to their fashion. and I admit, they are all swag and got this dope that everyone wants to have. That’s why maybe these guys are the most looking forward on their fashion these days.

Today, I found this hat piece from the one blog that TOP and GD wore for their Japan Concert if I dont mistaken about the details, bear with me then if I was wrong,okay?, the hat is from the Patricia Field and has a product name of Russian Naval Pin Hat. And as this moment, I still dont know how much this will cost you because I am still searching it though for the full details of this awesome hats, but of course, soon I got to know it. I will update you immediately here for you too, to find out..:)

Vane x Sebago Spring/Summer 2012 Boots



On today’s fashion. Men’s are used to wear some boots too, though most of the time girls are the one who’d often wearing them. Anyway, this signifies how does this fashion evolved and run these days.

This recently, while I was searching over the web on what are the new pieces that might be on trend soonest, these dope shoes from the collaborated brand called Vane x Sebago has the one popped out on the search, maybe these shoes are the most talked about on the fashion industry today? that’s why then they got their place on the top spot searched ( in the shoe keyword) over Google. I won’t wonder why they are making noise today. Because look, these boots shoes are indeed dope and actually suits in everyone’s’ styles,on my opinion. You can pair this on skinny jeans or in some jeans short since where in summer season today. Try it and make your self hip..:)

By the way, Ive heard that timberland boots are also trend this season, summer, because they came up on this idea wherein they’re been used these light materials that can still give comparable and refreshing feelings as you wear their boots on. Actually, I am still searching for the further info about this great new boots of the brand, Timberland, but soon as some other fashion blog got an press release of this new brand’s boots, sure then, will update you again out here..

So- yeah, that’s it for now and I hope you’ll this post quite informative on your end as you are seeking some new trend pieces to, that can rocking your way..Okay, thanks a lot folks!



Simply Envy

Awhile ago I was on Youtube. And I realized that there were a lot of people who can sing not just sing for fun but also they can really sing their heart’s out that I envy and amazed about today. And not just that, because they can all play some musical instruments too.. I’m indeed envious to them..LOL

Now, I planning to buy my own Numark to play with and practice with my musical skills that I might share too on my own YouTube channel soon..LOL I hope I can..hahah

BTW, I liked the vocal of this pretty girl. Check the video below:

Background checks

Do you have your own business? If you have so, I might thought that you’ll be needing pretty soon some man power support or employees. Because business wont work as you dont have these people around you that can help you to run your business out. However, of course as you accept employees, you’ll be needed to background checks each one of them. Because they might be also the cause of your bankruptcy as you dont know their background. I know, you’ll get what I meant here..

So – yeah, better to secure yourself first and your own company than having those people who has reasonable work rate.

Dr. Martens Mens Footwear Spring / Summer 2012




Dr. Martens is been known of their colored boots and kicks for both men and women. Because yeah! I must say, they’re indeed way different than to those usual footwear brands out there who are used to create such normal designs of shoes that we’re normally seeing on today’s market. That’s the edge of the brand,Dr. Martens, to the same brand line because people nowadays are like to have some quirky and unique pieces that can make them dope, definitely…

Recently, the brand had released their press release along this photos of their awesome collection for men’s footwear as for this year 2012 for spring summer. Again, these shoes are great and it might suits on my style too, that’s why I’m so pleased then to blog this collection out here.

As for this moment, I still dont know the further information about this collection, like the availability,pricing details and materials used, however, soon I got to know, of course will surely let you know on this blog. I will update you again soon – so you better to check back often,okay??

Thanks and have a great day ahead to everyone.:)


Fashion school for all fashion enthusiasts


Since I where in the fashion industry in away, by often blogging about these pieces and things that are related to the world of fashion. I think, its time for me then to give some information I know in regards on how does this fashion industry works. Well, this all began on those fashion designers who does this really huge and deeply understanding about the fashion thing, though they have this natural passion on the fashion that can made themselves an enthusiast, but I think, technical in fashion must be learn too in the any fashion schools who offers it.

Yeah, you’ve heard it right, that fashion is an also a long process wherein you’ll have to know the deep and technical of it. And throughout school for fashion and with some books of those big names in the fashion industry today you might be on this field too soon. However, sending your self in any fashion school is not really a joke. Because this too much expensive to manage I’m telling you! but of course you can still be educated on this by just having your rent textbooks . Yeah, you can rent instead than having yourself an expensive fashion book. Because this company called campusbookrentals.com is now offering an textbook rentals in all field of eduction( and yeah even in fashion) that is way cheaper than to others. So – what are you waiting for? rent a books now!

Converse All Star Trainers


One of the most popular footwear of all time would have have to be the Converse All Star trainers. It’s just a simple looking footwear, but most can attest that it’s the sneaker that never runs out of style.

The Converse All Star trainers was first manufactured by Converse Shoe Company in 1921. Originally, it was designed for casual use and the design was not nearly perfect. Until such time that Charles “Chuck” Taylor joined the company’s basketball team and promoted the shoes to the public. He helped further in improving the design to provide comfort, patch for ankle support, and flexibility so that it can be used for basketball. Thus, the shoes became known as “Chuck Taylor’s” ever since. It was widely used in the sport of basketball for almost 4 decades (1920’s-1960’s), but it was reduced to a fashion item in the later years. Still, it is one iconic shoes ever made.

I like the Converse All Star trainers for 3 reasons:

1. All-in-one shoe – it can be worn on almost any occasion. I can
treat it as my everyday shoe, I can use it playing ball, and it goes
well on semi-formal and formal events. The versatility of the Converse
All Star trainers are endless.

2. Made with the highest standards – the canvass upper and rubber sole
the shoe is really durable and it can stand the test of time.

3. A medium of expression – I love customizing my Chucks, painting it
with cool designs, changing the laces, and sticking some accessories
to make it look more fabulous.

And that is why Chuck Taylor would always be a part of my collection.
It’s a one of a kind shoe that’s sometimes imitated, but never
duplicated. It truly is my kind of shoes.