Wear the shoes you love


Occasionally, I also blogging some girls fashion topics in here to balance up my readers interests and to boost my traffic and such related matter. Anyway, this recently, Ive stumbled on this one site called footpetals.com , actually it is an online store where all the lovely killer heels are resides and selling. Yeah girls! if you needed any stilettos, wedge shoes and even insoles I may suggest you to check this awesome online stores and get your shoes there. Because as this moment, they do have this sale on going and I know most of you shoe addicts will definitely look forward on this site, I know right? because my sister is a shoe addict as well and she’s really pleased to buy some shoes on their site and even to recommend it also on her friends…lol

So what are you waiting for, girls?  wear the shoes you love and be more chic of it. By the way, footpetals.com can ship international too. specifically available on U.K., Australia, and Canada. So girls, this site is all for you and all orders are shipped out within 48 hours once order is placed..

Alright, that will be all for now and will also posting some pictures of my sister wearing her bought shoes on this site.. So – please, keep on checking this blog for the updates. Thanks and have a great day!

A Bathing Ape 2013 Spring/Summer ROAD STA


I loved shoes, really! that’s why when I saw this awesome shoes here from the brand A Bathing Ape that is included for their spring summer collection for this year 2013. It’s like I felt in love again ( yeah on the shoes)..lol nope kidding aside, I really like this kicks because the design was really quirky and look at that star it gives more accents on the shoe. That’s why I was so sure that most dude out there are really looking forward to have this shoes as soon as it out on the market.

I must say, this shoes is versatile because you can wear it on shorts and even to pants and denim, like how swagger peeps rockin’ their new balance kicks. Check out some photos I’ve found online which celebrities are wearing their new balance shoes on their shorts and pants.



This is what I also meant on this shoes ROAD STA from the brand A Bathing Ape. Because this shoes had this resemble on the designs of new balance ( this how I only look about the shoe – ROAD STA) so we can also rockin this shoe on some dope shorts and pants..

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TWOTHIRDS 2013 Spring/Summer Lookbook




Summer season is fast approaching. And I know most of you guys are pretty much excited to rocking on this season. Because summer is the most-loved season that you may wear all things or pieces you wanted to. That’s why most of the brand labels and names these days are trying their best to produce some awesome pieces that may includes on their spring summer collection for this year 2013. Like this brand called TWOTHIRDS, they’ve released their lookbook collection already that you may see on the top photos. Actually, these photos ( photo on top) are just some of their pieces collection for this season summer and you may check Google for the full set of their collection because I cant able to post all the photos out here due of my blog space matter.

TWOTHIRDS 2013 Spring/Summer Lookbook will be available in the market and as it happened soon. Of course, I will update you again here the full details for you to know the expected prices and there they’ll be available. Okay, that will be all for now. Thank you!

Easy Shopping and Big Savings at Coupon Chief


With today’s economy, it is only wise that we find other ways to earn more money. We can have a second job or perhaps have a small business that we can manage after our regular job. If we cannot handle a second job, then we should find ways to save more and learn to be frugal. If you are fond of shopping, just like me, you should wait for store sales to avail of huge discounts. If you prefer online shopping, there are a lot of online stores that offer discount coupons, freebies, and many other perks. I actually do more online shopping nowadays because it is proven to be more economical.

One website that bargain hunters would definitely love is CouponChief.com. This is where shoppers can find coupon codes and store discounts on everything from apparel, footwear, accessories, bags, gadgets, appliances, computers, toys, books, and many more from thousands of retailers. Among the many websites that offer online coupon codes, they are considered the best. Shoppers are guaranteed that all Coupon Chief coupon codes are valid because once a coupon expires, it gets automatically taken off from the database. Not only that, Coupon Chief gives people the opportunity to earn. Just upload a coupon and they will share 2% of income earned from purchases made with that coupon. This is their Pays-2-Share Program.

The whole process of availing coupon discounts is very easy. First you have to look for the domain of the store where you want to make a purchase. Copy the code then click the use it link to be redirected to your chosen store. Once there, you can search for the item you want to buy. Pay for the item by proceeding to checkout. Place the coupon code you copied on the box where it says coupon or promotional code. Automatically your savings will be enforced. Customers save an average of $21 in less than 2 minutes when using these coupons.

Coupon Chief’s website is simple and uncluttered so it is easy to find what you are looking for. Searching for a particular retailer is a breeze because they have a “Stores” tab which shows all their retailers in alphabetical order. For instance you want to buy something from Alex Toys, just type “Alex Toys” in the “search for a coupon now” box and hit the search button. All the available coupons will appear. Click the code you want to use. They also have a Coupons-4-Causes program where you have the chance to help your favorite charity. Simply use the coupons and Coupon Chief will give up to 20% of the purchase to the charity of your choice.

Reasons why men should consider jockstrap


In recent times, you will get different designs of men’s brief. However, it is clear that jockstrap is the sexiest underwear for men. This underwear will make’s women to go crazy. Moreover, you can spice up your marriage through this item.

However, many men looking for men’s brief ask why they should consider jockstraps? Well, this article will answer this question. Moreover women can buy for their husbands. Jockstraps are made of many designs and colors. This could be also a great item to get your husband if you have a passion for wrestlers. Therefore, to a man, what advantages does this item have?

  1. Attractive

Every man looks for ways to attract women. Therefore, if you are looking to impress and look attractive, then you should consider buying one. Moreover you can wear them at the beach or during summer season. It can also be used in role playing in relationships.

  1. Self confidence

Some men are shy of their bodies. This makes them feel uncomfortable around other people. Therefore, if you are one of them, you should consider looking for men’s brief that will make you comfortable and boost self-esteem around other people.

  1. Comfort

When one goes looking for men’s brief, the first thing to consider is comfort. This means that you should look for jockstraps that fits your body size and provides comfort. Therefore, you should consider the fabric used as well as the design of the item.

If you are looking for the best jockstrap then you should consider cotton as its fabric. It’s the best because;

  • It allows air circulation around the skin
  • It is the best absorbent sweat
  • Provides comfort
  • It is soft on the skin
  • They are durable
  • They are washable through machine and hand

Leading fashion houses make their design underwear using cotton fabric because of the above reasons.

  1. Designs and color

They come in different designs and colors. Therefore, one has many options to choose from. Moreover you can choose from the different colors available.


There are many different designs and stylish items that are readily found in the market. Jockstrap is considered to be the sexiest men’s brief. All you have to do is to look for the one that will look good on you as well as attractive to others. This item can be used in marriages and relationships. To married women, they can consider buying jockstrap for their loving husbands to spice up the relationship.

You can get these items in many leadings stores around you. Moreover, many websites sell the best designs of men’s briefs. All you have to do is visit one online store and make your order and within one to three days you will have your item. You should consider buying it today. Getting a sexy men’s brief for your husband could also help you. How? Thank you for this question. Role playing and wearing of sexy lingerie help’s you by helping your marriage to stand strong.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High “Knicks”


There’s this new Air Jordan 1 Retro “Knicks” shoes that will be available this coming early next year, January 5, 2013 along with the other OG Colorway Jordan 1 Retro High White/Varsity Red-Black. These two will be released on the same date and will be available at selected Jordan Brand stores worldwide. But let’s just talk about this Air Jordan 1 Retro High “Knicks”, I find the color of this one very attractive, the combination of blue and orange is perfect plus the white and orange color of the sole.

But there’s one thing that you can’t see on the usual jordan shoes, there’s no “jumping man” logo on it. They have just used the old school Air Jordan logo with those wings. And the trademark swoosh logo of Nike. Anyway, this still looks good with out the jumping man. This shoes can’t be only be worn by those basketball fanatics but also those fashion lovers because the design of this shoes is very stylish. This shoes can be paired with those fashionable jeans or shorts. Oh, how I really love the color and style of shoes. Hope thet they will be out on sizes that will fit for girls. Because not only basketball shoe fans will be liking this but also those fashionable guys and girls out there.

So let’s just mark the date and watch out for the release of this very great looking Air Jordan 1 Retro High “Knicks” in to the market.

To Deal With Challenging Questions On Cisco Certification Exams


You will run into challenging questions on Cisco certification exams, but do you know how to deal with them? Will you try to figure out what to do when it happens, or do you want to know what to do ahead of time? Because it’s better to know exactly what to do before you’re in that situation, here is some advice for dealing with challenging questions on Cisco certification exams.


Take Your Time

First off, take your time. You don’t want to rush through a challenging question and make a mistake that you wouldn’t have made if you’d approached the question calmly. Take a deep breath, and give each challenging question the amount of time that it deserves.


Read Each Question Carefully

It is crucial that you read challenging questions carefully. After all, it’s going to be pretty difficult to answer a question correctly if you don’t even know exactly what is being asked. Read each question carefully so that you understand the information that is being given and what information the question is asking for.


Prepare For Challenging Questions Beforehand

Of course, the best way to deal with challenging questions is to already know that material so well that even the most challenging questions don’t seem that difficult to you. You can do this by going to TestsLive for all your test prep needs. When you get your test prep resources from TestsLive, you will be less likely to find questions to be challenging and you will be well equipped to handle even the ones that are.