Se7en in Rodarte hoodie and Chrome Hearts Cap


Another celebrity outfit update: This recently, se7en, a Korean singer, spotted wearing some dope pieces that are Rodarte hoodie and Chrome Hearts Cap. The hoodie is limited edition only,I think so, that’s why I wasn’t able to get the exact price of it since the piece is already sold out. However, on the cap, more probably chrome hearts cap are ranging 100 – 1000 bucks. Yeah – that’s too much but chrome hearts has this great products and they did uses the best and quality materials that can make their products way expensive than to the others brands.

So – yeah , se7en is rocking on these 2 pieces. And you might get that look too, just check on those same color of hoodie and cap and it does not be the same brands as long you can make your self swag everything will be fine.. I’m telling you! alright, that’s it and keep on checking this blog for more celebrity outfits updates..

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