UNKNWN x Fruition Las Vegas “LA Skyline” T-Shirt

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 photo unknwn-fruition-las-vegas-la-skyline-t-shirt-2_zps75bf2c7a.jpg

Whenever I seen some collaborative pieces that are recently released. I see to it to blog them up all here, as possible.. Because usually, these pieces are the one most look forward to have not just these fashion enthusiasts but also these people who used to style themselves out through these limited edition finds, I referring on these collaborative pieces..

Recently, these 2 brands called UNKNWN & Fruition Las Vegas had teamed up for this wonderful piece that they’ve called or has an item name of UNKNWN x Fruition Las Vegas “LA Skyline” T-Shirt , the shirt on the top photo, I must say, this tee is pretty basic and plain which I found great on my end because this really speaks on my style at the same time it is looks so comfy which the one I look forward on the shirt like this one..

As this moment, I haven’t know further details about it like the availability, pricing and when exact dates that it will release in the market. However, I was assure then that neither on the said brands, UNKNWN & Fruition Las Vegas, will release an updates regarding this piece soon enough.. So – we better to wait their updates on this.. Alright, that will be all for now and please keep on checking the blog, istablog.com, for more fashion and celebrity updates. Thanks!

Delightful Shopping at Posy Lane

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The great thing about online shopping is that there always seems to be more stores to be explored everyday, right at the comforts of your own home. I discovered this really cute online store which happens to have almost everything I need. Posy Lane, which used to be located in McKinney, Texas, now does all its business online. But nevertheless, the store never fails to impress all its customers and visitors with its wide selection of products. This one-stop shop certainly has what it takes to make it big.

Posy Lane has the biggest selection of the finest products. Shopping is easy because items are categorized. Its categories are Uniquely You (Personalized Ink Stamps, Phone Cases, iPad Cases, Cutting Boards, Mouse Pads, Platters, Plates and Placemats etc.); Apparel & Etc. (zebra shower wraps and other Bath Wraps, Bath Robes, Tote & Travel Bags, Fleece Throws, Throw Pillows); Edibles; Stationery (Kid’s Address Labels, Kid’s Flat Note Cards, Kid’s Folded Note Cards, Kids Waterproof Vinyl Sticker Labels); Children (Table Top, Water Bottles, Crayon Apron Toolbelt, Portable Activity Center, Kids Artwork Holder etc.); Baby (Blankets, Lovies & Stuffed Animals, Bloomers and Shorts, Burp Cloths, Baby Bibs etc.); and School (Kids Sleeping Bags, Lunch Totes, Duffle Bags, personalized backpacks and nap mats etc.).

Not only does Posy Lane sell beautiful items they also provide printing and embroidery services. They also pride themselves in having an excellent customer service staff as well as their attention to detail. Plus, the website has a fun and inviting quality to it so it’s nice to browse around. Domestic shipping costs $6.75 for any order and both UPS ground and USPS priority mail are used. Faster shipping options are available though.

USPS shipping usually takes 2-3 days while UPS can take up to 5 days depending on the location. They also ship internationally but transient time is longer. They have a 30-day return policy on items that have not been personalized or used. They do not refund personalized orders unless they made a mistake.

size? x Nike Urban Safari Pack – Part 1

 photo size-nike-urban-safari-pack-4_zps65fd381c.jpg

 photo size-nike-urban-safari-pack-1_zps25498f37.jpg

 photo saint-alfred-x-asics-2013-gel-lyte-iii-1_zps88d797ec.jpg

When it comes on kicks, I know most of you prefer the Nike brand whether its on sports or casual one. Because the brand built their reputation already for so long time now when it comes on their quality of shoes and kicks that most peeps even celebrities are keep on looking forward and getting crazed with now when every time the brand, Nike, releases new set or designs of shoes.

Recently, the brand, Nike, had teamed up on the other brand called Size? , which the first time I heard, anyway, they’ve made some great kicks that may surely makes you dope as you wears one from their collection this summer.. And I was preferring on their size? x Nike Urban Safari Pack – Part 1 , which those shoes on the top photos, I must say, these kicks are great and the colors used are really blended well that makes each kicks quirky enough than to those usual kicks that are out in the market today. Yeah! that’s how Nike works on their products that’s why fashion enthusiasts, like me, really looking forward on their new released item/s.

Pricing details of these kicks? well, as Ive heard it starting at £65 GBP to £100 GBP appox. However, I am not still sure though about it..LOL better yet to check it on yourself over Google for more further details.. Alright, that will be all for now. Thanks!

Fashionable jewelry only at Bellast.com

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I am so lucky to be contacted by this awesome company called bellast.com. Actually, my sister bought some jewelries from them months ago and I haven’t this thought that they can also needed a blogger for their items to be reviewed. Anyway, they’ve sent me these 2 chic jewelry for review and I must say each piece has really a great quality and they can be surely make you hip on today’s fashion…

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Retail Value: USD80.00
Bellast Price: USD41.00

If you are more on high-end fashion. I suggesting up this lovely bracelet called”RHINESTONE CRYSTAL AND ARTIFICIAL PEARL MULTILAYERED BRACELET WITH GOLD PLATED”, the link is given under the photo, just click it and you may direct on the page where you could buy this, because look, the bracelet is so detailed and its way quirky than to the usual bracelet today in the market.

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Retail Value: USD16.00
Bellast Price: USD9.00

Of course, as you have the bracelet on, it is nice too, to pair it with a nice and elegant earring like this “ARTIFICIAL PEARL AND RHINESTONE CRYSTAL SUNFLOWER PIERCING EARRINGS WITH GOLD PLATED” that you can only find at bellast.com, though some online jewelry shops has quite resemblance of this earring here and yet this one is more detailed that most fashion enthusiasts are looking forward to have..

Alright, just heads up to http://www.bellast.com for the wide range of jewelry for both girls and men..

Fashionable and Affordable Eyewear at Proopticals

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I have always worn glasses ever since I can remember. At times I would wear contact lenses but most of the time I would wear eyeglasses. It used to be that the styles for eyeglasses were really old fashioned but nowadays you can buy different styles that would perfectly suit the shape of your face. I have several pairs that I have bought in a brick and mortar store but the others I bought in an online store. There are actually many online stores that men can visit to buy fashionable eyewear, sunglasses and prescription glasses alike. One of them is Proopticals (http://www.proopticals.com/) where you can find an extensive selection of eyeglasses with different colors, shapes and styles.

Proopticals sells eyewear for men, women, and children. Their women’s glasses are available in various styles like fashion, retro, and classic and in different colors. Shopping for a pair is actually easy. You can select from choices like Categories (Women’s, Men’s, Children, Accessories), Frame Materials (Acetate, Titanium, Titanium Memory, Plastic, Metal, Wood Like, Memory Plastic), Shape (Rectangle, Oval, Aviator, Round, Wayfarer), Style, Colors, Type (Rim Less, Semi Rimless, Full Frame/Rim), Frame Style (Carved Diamond Glasses, Sunglasses, Steven Jobs, Spring Hinge, Clip-on Glasses), Frame Width (Narrow, Average, Wide, Extra Wide),  Lens Width (Narrow, Average, Wide, Extra Wide), and Price.

I took careful attention to their men’s glasses because I wanted to buy some pairs. I was amazed at how affordable all the items are. I had a hard time selecting because there were so many to choose from. For customers who are not satisfied with their purchase, you can return the item in its original condition for a refund or exchange in accordance with their return and refund policies. They accept major credit cards and Paypal. Shopping is always worry-free because they have the best e-commerce in the industry and they assure secure payment processing.

Easy and Fun Shopping at MartOfChina.com

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One of the advantages of being a shopaholic is that you get to be the first to discover online stores that sell really great stuff at affordable prices. One of those stores is MartOfChina.com a China-based online clothing wholesaler known for supplying stylish yet cheap fashion clothing to many wholesalers and boutiques all over the world. They have an incredible selection of products that are totally worth checking out. The reason they are able to keep prices low is that they buy direct from a network of Chinese manufacturers.

Among the products they have are women’s and men’s clothing, women’s shoes, bags, sexy lingerie, jewelry, accessories, cosplay and costumes. They ship to nearly every country in the world via Express Mail which takes about 5-7 business days and Airmail Normal which takes 15-20 business days. The different payment methods they accept are Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard and American Express), Paypal, Western Union, MoneyGram, and Bank Transfer. With regards to their Return Policy, defective merchandise can be exchanged within 7 days upon receiving the item. This online store offers a lot of sale items and discounts.

Altamont 2013 Spring/Summer Fungi Collection

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These are the pieces that we could expect from the brand Altamont for their spring and summer collection 2013. I think, these was only the some pieces from their collection ( you can either search google for the complete set of collection though) but these pieces are the main pieces ones for their spring summer collection. Actually, this was my first to heard about the brand Altamont either to see their pieces however I easily find them great that’s why I blog them up here..

For more details like the availability and pricing ranges of these pieces. I may suggest you to search it over google because as of now I haven’t yet know details about it. Alright, that’s it for now and please keep on checking this blog for more fashion updates. Thanks!

DigitalTVSignup: For Everyone’s Viewing Pleasure

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If you are a couch potato and spend most of your free time watching TV you would definitely want to get the services of the best television provider. But to be able to know the best deal, you should know what you want and need. Different providers offer various types of services. DigitalTVSignup is a website that supplies customers with complete and clear information on the greatest offers, deals, discounts, products, features, and services of the many TV providers in the UK. You can also check out the subscription plans available for each TV provider and the various options that go with them such as broadband and home phone services.

Among DigitalTVSignup’s Digital TV Providers in the UK are Sky, BT Vision, Virgin Media TiVo, Talk Talk, Top Up TV, and Freeview. Check the various features of each provider so that you can choose the one that is right for you. If you want to record up to 3 programs while you are watching another one you recorded, avail of the Virgin Media TiVo. If you want one with access to international new films and lots of exclusive sports channels, then Sky is for you. For those who want to catch up on all the programs that they have missed throughout the week, BT Vision is the choice. For those who prefer something simpler but still has access to all of the best channels with no monthly subscription costs, Freeview is the best pick.

MKI BLACK 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

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I always rocking myself into these shirt basics in my fashion. That’s why I was so pleased then to blog up all the collections that has this shirt basic on. Like this brand called MKI BLACK that I recently sees while I was roaming the web a while ago for my blog updates. I think, the brand, MKI BLACK, really works on some basic shirts and light clothing apparels because as I checked their collections often times they just got these pieces where we can usually wear in daily basis.

By the way, all the photos on top are included on MKI BLACK spring and summer collection for 2013. And they’re all already available online at MKI BLACK’s main site. Go and check yourself further details about this collection. Thanks!

Liberty x NIKEiD 2013 Summer Collection

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I used to liked these pieces that are collaborative ones. Because these pieces are the usual quirky and had really this great designs that most of the fashion enthusiasts like me are looking forward to have with. Like this Liberty x NIKEiD 2013 Summer Collection that I recently sees online. I must say, these kicks are great and can be wear be of in any pieces you may have, in short these kicks are versitale enough to help you pull off whether on shorts or pants. Got what I meant here? I hope you do folks..

I believed, these kicks are already out in the market today. Just search it over google for the availability and pricing details of it. Because I was so busy now to be included such details here – so please bear with me also here..hehe

Btw folks, do you know any bean bag sofas that are selling online? If you do so. Please advise me by leaving the link of the online stores below. Thanks so much!