Liberty x NIKEiD 2013 Summer Collection

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I used to liked these pieces that are collaborative ones. Because these pieces are the usual quirky and had really this great designs that most of the fashion enthusiasts like me are looking forward to have with. Like this Liberty x NIKEiD 2013 Summer Collection that I recently sees online. I must say, these kicks are great and can be wear be of in any pieces you may have, in short these kicks are versitale enough to help you pull off whether on shorts or pants. Got what I meant here? I hope you do folks..

I believed, these kicks are already out in the market today. Just search it over google for the availability and pricing details of it. Because I was so busy now to be included such details here – so please bear with me also here..hehe

Btw folks, do you know any bean bag sofas that are selling online? If you do so. Please advise me by leaving the link of the online stores below. Thanks so much!

Moss 2013 Spring/Summer Lookbook featuring Diplo and Major Lazer

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I am simply pleased to blog up all the spring and summer collections or lookbooks here because my readers ate used to liked to see some pieces from this season collection for them to got this ideas on how they may rock on themselves through these new pieces for the summer season. I know most of the dope guys out there are can relate on this matters. Heehhe

Recently, one brand name which the Moss had released their Moss 2013 Spring/Summer Lookbook featuring Diplo and Major Lazer that ones you can see on the top photos. I must say, these stylings are great and its really speaks on my style too that’s why I lived to have them blogged up here.

I think, as this moment this collection is already out in the market. Just heads up to the Moss main site for further details on where you can actually buy these pieces out here. Also, on my personal point of view(lol) it is better if they use some softride bike rack for the stylings to be more look so dope and swag, it is just my opinion though… Alright, that’s it for now. Thanks so much!

Trine Lindegaard 2013 Fall/Winter Lookbook

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

These are the styling or lookbook photos of the brand Trine Lindegaard for their fall and winter collection this 2013. I must say, these stylings and the pieces itself are the one quirky and way unique than to the other same brands. That’s why maybe this brand and its collection was the one most talked about in the fashion industry these days..

As for now, I haven’t yet know further details about this collection. However, it will be surely available soon as the brand itself updates us for further details. So – let us wait on the brand’s releasing these pieces in the market and by then, I can able to update either to include pricing details here.

Alright, that’s it for now and I hope you’ll keep on checking this site,, for more celebrity fashion especially Kpop fashion and fashion news updates. Thanks so much and have a great day ahead to everyone..

The Amazing Sonos Wireless HiFi Music System

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More than anything else, listening to music helps me relax and relieves stress. No matter what device I use, whether it is an MP3 player, radio or my cellphone, the experience is always the same. For a better listening feel, a more sophisticated home audio would be great. That is where Sonos comes in. They manufacture products such as speakers, wireless subwoofers, controllers, HiFi music players, and wireless home systems. The company’s goal is to reinvent home audio for the digital age and for people to enjoy music with the highest sound quality.

The Sonos Wireless HiFi Music System enable users to play music wirelessly, organize songs in one place, create playlists, as well as control the volume of music in different rooms or locations. You can stream all the music you want from music services such as Pandora, Sirius XM, iTunes, Spotify, MySpace Music etc. and more than 100,000 free radio stations, podcasts and programmes. Among the products of Sonos are Play:5 (the original, bigger room, bigger sound, all-in-one wireless music system), Play:3 (smaller, sexier, tuck in a corner and blow out the roof, all-in-one HiFi music player), Sub (one-button setup), Playbar (the soundbar for music lovers), and Bridge (connect to your router so all players can go anywhere and work wirelessly).

Customers would be happy to know that there are Sonos Coupons for May 2013 available issued by Sonos. These coupons will help save money on electronics and other products. Among the wonderful deals are free overnight shipping on all orders at, $49 discount on any two room combo, free shipping for two days on all Sonos wireless home audio products, and 35% discount on Overstock Specials at These discount coupons at are updated daily. Simply sign up for their newsletter to get the latest deals. They are sent weekly with the best coupons and offers attached.

Review: [Confume] Argan Treatment Oil only at

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Due of the hot weather, summer, these days. We’ve been troubling with some hair damages problems ,for both girls and guys, like split ends, dry hair, poor volume of hair and some more. Yeah! That was the disadvantages of this summer season. Though I know most of you prefer the season summer more,than to the other seasons,right? That’s why I made this post up for you to know some techniques and a product ( that you can actually use it too) that I personally using for my hair to get more healthier just for this summer season and it would last either until winter

Which the product called [Confume] Argan Treatment Oil from the leading korean beauty label site WishTrend.Com. I was actually a fan of their beauty online shop, though I am a guy, because they do have some great products too for us guys to try on, like this [GATZMEN] Face Up Setting Bar( which I really looking forward to have- I hope wishtrend will send at least one of it soon.. Lol) that’s help out skin to become more fairer and its also recommended to most guys who used to work outdoors or to those guys who’re into sports. I know most guys would consider this item as much like I

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Check the [GATZMEN] Face Up Setting Bar

Back to the argan oil product:
I must say, my hair has became more healthier and shinny right after I use the product “[Confume] Argan Treatment Oil” and I really recommend it for you to try. It can also gives rather help your hair to long faster, based on my personal experience using the product though. But I am not sure about the effects on your end though.. Anyway, see my photos hair below for you to see how’s the effect or the results of this awesome argan treatment oil.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Please guys, don’t make fun on these

For more great deals and future goodies of the online shop, Follow and like them on their social media accounts that are listed below. Thanks!

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Kikwang – General Idea, Comme des Garçons [Airport Fashion]

 photo tumblr_llaaedSp0j1qhkfgp_zps02950004.jpg

 photo tumblr_llaag1Pl8M1qhkfgp_zps557b8b4a.jpg

General Idea [LIMITED EDITION]G0311803 – GI_ZOE / BK 236,000 won

 photo tumblr_llaaf9xbtr1qhkfgp_zps9a741164.jpg

Comme des Garçons Grey Play T-Shirt £70.00

Korean celebrities fashion are the one look forward today. Because their wardrobe departments are really working out on the styling and fashion pieces that these awesome people wearing. That’s why fans either most of the fashion enthusiasts are getting crazed on each styling that these Korean celebrities had worn. Today, I got this B2ST Kikwang styling, though he just wore an simply style for this fashion and yet the swagness is still there. Look the photo on the top. Is really masculine that I most like about for this styling.

He’s sunglasses is from the brand General Idea and it has this item code of G0311803, limited edition, that you can have for just about 236,000 won in any nearby stores or online affiliated stores. I think, this sunglasses is already sold out due of the limited edition, however, you may check it out online because it might still available for some stores.

While he’s basic tee is from the brand Comme des Garçons X Play that has a price of £70.00, quite expensive right? yeah! that’s how style most of the Korean celebrity today by having themselves some sort of expensive finds for just on their fashion..heheh Alright, that will be all for now and please keep on checking the blog for more celeb and fashion updates.

Review: [OST] Original Pure Vitamin C-20 Serum & Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF15

Since I was lucky enough to received such awesome skin products from some companies this recently. I’ve decided too to try them out for myself and see which one is great that I can either to recommend here. No worries, This review is 100% true and it based on my own experiences using each product.

 photo 0462A84E-A014-422D-A523-695A8E4658D2-2519-00000224590F9E59_zps77b5fb13.jpg

First product I got in hand and I’ve been using even today was this awesome [OST] Original Pure Vitamin C-20 Serum from the awesome company called the serum helps to close our face pores and even to abolish it eventually and it can even kills those disgusting white and blackheads to the face. I’ve already tried this one and I must say, it is really great and as I went to Singapore a week ago. I really used to heard and even see some of this in most of the beauty & skin product sections in the each mall I’ve through there. Also, the Product [OST] Original Pure Vitamin C-20 Serum is the best seller product of 2012 and even today 2013. Yeah! that’s how awesome this serum is. So – I really suggest you to have yourself one of it.

And, as you got yourself one of this. I may also suggest you to keep in to frig most of the time. Because it has this vitamins that we have to maintain for effectiveness purposes of the product .

 photo Qoo10_OST_original_pure_vitamin_c20_serum_02_zpsa65a76b0.jpg

This is true. See yourself after a week using the best serum ever..

 photo 20BD2EA8-2CD8-4BFF-BF8B-F53B044B8E87-2519-0000022454585ED8_zps114e7ca4.jpg

Secondly, a Moisturizer that I’ve got from the local skin product brand called Cetaphil. I also want this product and I actually using this after I applied the great [OST] Original Pure Vitamin C-20 Serum. Yeah! they can even work to each other. heheh I think, this was the best way of using the serum by applying any moisturizer right after you’d putted serum to your face. It can gives more softness to your skin and even to get it more whitener then..

 photo C08E2CC5-4113-489F-9046-F151CC9BE65F-50527-00002A01A627D075_zps8a711b6b.jpg

Here’s my photo after a week using the serum together with the cetaphil moisturizer. I can really see the effectiveness of the 2 products most especially the serum one from the leading Korean skin product label,

Alright, that’s it for now and dont forget to heads up to for more Skincare Products and more.. BTW, you can either add and follow on their social media accounts that are listed below for future great buys and deals.. 🙂

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GD’s Wearing “Zombie” Black T-shirt by KTZ

 photo 375842_360981074021897_824479141_n_zps948629b8.png

Big Bang – GD

 photo 20130213_b9d568_zps48618a91.jpg

“Zombie” Black T-shirt by KTZ

It seems that both leader, 2ne1 CL & Big Bang GD, had crazed already on this Japan brand called KTZ. Because I’ve often sees them wearing the brand on their appearances this recently. I think, the brand is one of their main major sponsor then today. But I am not still sure though about it, it is just my hint though..hahah

Alright, the leader, GD, is rockin on the large tee called “Zombie” Black T-shirt from the brand KTZ. The tee looks so dope like on CL’s tee. However, I more than liked this tee here than to CL because it is just got this prints, Zombie, on the front which the most trend prints today when it comes to street wear fashion. That’s why this tee is way better than on CL’s tee. I must say..

“Zombie” Black T-shirt by KTZ has a price of PRICE : 23,100 円 in the KTZ site itself. Sorry, I dunno how to convert Yen to dollar..hehe Bear with me then. Alright, that’s it for now and I hope you can find this post quite informative. Thanks

PS. click websites builders if you wanted yourself to have same site as mine.. Thanks again!

Comfortable Shoes For Everyone

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Sanuk is a brand of footwear that’s becoming more popular all over the world among different types of customers. It was founded by Jeff Kelley who realized the need for men and women to have shoes that are not only stylish but also comfortable. Based in Southern California, it all started when Kelley first made one-of-a-kind carpet-made sandals which became a hit at his stores. Sanuk Shoes expanded to manufacturing various styles of shoes in different colors for men, women, and children. It is now distributed in over 50 countries.

Shoppers can shop at their website according to categories namely Men, Women, and Kids and sub categories namely Sandals, Sidewalk Surfers, and Gear. According to Sanuk reviews, its website is completely safe to use according to Google Safebrowsing, AVG ThreatLabs and Norton Safeweb. For people who want to get discounts, they can do so by availing of Sanuk coupons. The company’s website issues Sanuk Coupons for April 2013 which will certainly help customers save money on shoes and other Sanuk products. Coupon codes are updated regularly so everyone is guaranteed of up to date discount codes. Examples of Sanuk coupons and deals are up to 70% off on selected shoes, free next day shipping on orders of over $100, and free stylish iPhone case with purchases.

Street Chic Only From 8&9 Clothing Company

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Technology indeed has made life easier for everyone in so many aspects not just in terms of communication. Before the emergence of the internet and all those sophisticated gadgets like laptops, smartphones and tablets, we only knew how to shop at the mall. Nowadays, we can shop and buy anything we want wherever we are and whenever we want just as long as we have access to the internet. Not only that, we can easily become entrepreneurs ourselves as long as we have a website. Having said that, business and fashion has become more alive and this is evident in the multitude of online stores.

Many people have also become more fashionable because of this. Dressing up and having your own style has turned into a form of self expression. Street fashion is continuously evolving and is getting more hip and fashionable. 8&9 Clothing Company ( is an online store where shoppers can buy stylish, unique, and bold street apparel inspired by street life, hip-hop, skating, sneakers, modern politics, and pop culture. The brand works really hard on their designs by having a well thought of concept.

8&9 also concentrates on their products’ color and details that other brands disregard or do not give too much attention to. They continuously strive to be the best and thus do everything to steadily improve their business. Their goal is to provide high quality items at affordable prices and to attract a diverse group of customers. Shoppers can choose items by categories namely: Sweatshirts, Raglans, Sneaker Tees, Snapbacks, Brain Gang, Ringer Tees, Sneakers, Skateboard Decks, Hoodies, New Tees, Tank Tops, Beanies, V-Necks, Stickers, Key Chains, and T-shirts. And I actually got my tee to them and I must say, the tee is really dope and its comfortable to wear off.

 photo 182005E8-C6A0-4A46-A55F-BC15FD1E2CBA-898-000000D877239495_zps194aaf01.jpg

I’ll post up my photos soon wearing this tee. So – you better check this blog often for the updates.

The company offers two shipping options, First Class and Priority Mail. Expected delivery for Priority Mail is within 4-5 business days from date of purchase while First Class packages will arrive within 7 days. Shoppers who have purchases amounting to over $50 gets to enjoy free priority shipping. They accept returns up to 7 calendar days after delivery. 8&9 Clothing Company has its headquarters in Miami at The Showroom at Miami Ironside. However, it’s an appointment only gallery and private boutique.